Let me introduce my wife Christie to you.

Fun Facts:
Born & Raised in Southern California in an awesome family of six.

Grew up and was a gymnast & played softball at an early age through college.

Best Childhood Memory was..too many to count, I am blessed.

Favorite Holiday is Thanksgiving & Christmas because I can't pick just one.  These holidays are a time of reflection on what's important, to be thankful and be a blessing to others.

Moved to Hawaii in 1997 and met the most wonderful husband there is...ever!

Mom of 4 homeschooled crazy and lovable young boys who are the joy of my life.

Now Shopoholic Wahine of Nohea Beauty Bar Hawaii.

Why  "Cold Process" artisan soap bars... The two biggest differences are the glycerin in handmade soaps and the lack of detergents.

Glycerin=GOOD It is naturally produced during saponification. It’s a humectant, so it draws moisture from the air to your skin leaving it soft and moisturized. Commercial soaps remove the glycerin and sell it separately and or use glycerin in other products like moisturizers.

Detergents=BAD These are synthetics that are often petroleum based cleansers where soap is simply oils and butters saponified with lye. Detergents strip your skin, leaving it dry. Our handmade soap cleanses without stripping.<- important to know.

Another factor with detergent soaps is that the preservatives are required to keep these acidic soaps from growing bacteria are toxic and drying as well. A well formulated handmade soap will surpass a detergent bar soap any day!  If you are new to using Nohea Beauty Bars, you are in for a treat because they leave your skin feeling completely different than commercial soaps. We superfat all our soaps by about 5%, which means that we leave 5% extra oils or butters that doesn’t get turned into soap. Those extra oils or butters leave your skin moisturized and fresh. It's so much healthier for for you & the environment. 

My Story 
After discovering I had an autoimmune disease that makes my skin more sensitive than it use to be, I needed to change the type of soap I was using. So, instead of just buying some all natural soap from somewhere, I decided to make it. Call it the homeschooler in me, I figured “Oh good, a science project for my kids.” Then when our youngest son, Joseph was diagnosed with a rare disease called Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH) all of those plans were put on hold. It was a very scary time for our whole family, and developing a soap line stayed in the research phase until his treatment plan was underway. Watching the changes that took place in his body due to the chemotherapy and other drugs really reconfirmed that I may not have control over a lot in life but I have some control over what toxins we as a family allow in our home.

I have been making my own laundry soap for years because of the sensitiveness from two of my sons who were both preemies and couldn’t tolerate the store bought baby laundry soap. I am now just branching off from there. Even my oldest, who is hitting puberty, was having some issues with his skin. Doctors just wanted to give him a steroid cream, which doesn’t get to the root problem at all. He now only uses our Simply Soap or our Oats & Honey and hasn’t had a breakout since. Due to government regulations, I can’t and won’t say that using a particular soap will help with Eczema or with dry skin. What I can do, is give you the ingredients of my soap and how the oil properties can help you.

I firmly believe that the toxins we allow in our body can either help us or hurt us. And this is just another, easier way to use body products that aren’t laced with harsh chemicals throughout our skin, the largest elimination organ in the body and our first line of immunity. Medical research shows that significant amounts of cosmetic ingredients, including carcinogenic substances, penetrate the skin and end up in the blood stream.

We are slowly trying to make better food choices and we have all heard the saying “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” --Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.). Well, take it a step further and think about the properties that are being put on your body and to me this is the easiest change to make...Soap! We have been given oils, herbs and scents that are designed to heal us. Coconut and Olive oil are used in every bar we make. We know the benefits of using these oils in our food, and they are some of the great benefits for our skin as well. If we look outside a grocery store and into the world that God gave us to use, it’s all there. He has provided what we need to care for ourselves from the inside out. It’s time we take that back. My desire is to make simple, yet beautiful soaps with ingredients that can help you. We hope you enjoy Nohea Beauty Bars, it just makes good scents!

Helpmeet to Solomon
Mother to Joshua, Josiah, Jonah-Luke and Joseph
Soapoholic Wahine
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